The First!! GE Healthcare Use AI-Based Verification Solution(AVS) System ; BROADSIMS Achieve the First Step for Medical Industry 4.0

In August 2018, GE Healthcare imported AVS system which was developed by BROADSIMS into GE Healthcare production line officially. “The biggest benefit of AVS system is that it is fully automated and it is much easier to train technician than before. In the past, the training of ECG professional testing took one month, and now it only takes one hour.” GE Healthcare said, “This AVS system can save the test record at the same time, which also follow the ISO 13485 (2016).“( Manufacturing Record Traceability )

In terms of economic benefits, the detection and verification of the ECG monitor reduced the time cost by 74.3% after the introduction of the AVS system, or increased the monthly production capacity by 3.89 times. Converted into production costs, if the global introduction of AVS system, will reduce production costs by 5.838 billion US dollars. Looking at it, not only saves test time costs, but also better adjusts the application of human resources.

Through the performance, BROADSIMS has fully demonstrated the success of Medical Industry 4.0 in the GE Healthcare. With a streamlined process and high efficiency portfolio, the response is cost and economic. Based on this, BROADSIMS will continue to create a new model of medical-grade industry 4.0.

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