SECG webphoto


Single Channel ECG Test System
– Performance tester for 1/3/5/12 lead ECG device
– Built-in test circuits as defined in ECG standards
– Good shielding and grounding designs allow for higher accuracy
– Adjustable DC offset and pacemaker signals output
– Load and replay your own ECG files


MECG webphoto


Multichannel ECG Test System
– ECG database generator for Diagnostic and Ambulatory ECG
– Support IEC60601-2-25, -2-47 and AAMI EC57 database tests
– Embedded CAL, ANE, Biological, NST waveforms
– Allows to upload and playback AHA, MIT, and CU format directly


CMRR3.0 Front


Combines Accuracy, Convenience and Test Automation All Together
– Superior shielding and grounding designs allow wider CMRR measurement.
– Designed for ECG, Patient Monitor, Holter and EEG CMRR and system noise testing.
– Supported standard: IEC 60601-2-25/27/47/26, YY1079/1139/0782/0885, ANSI/AAMI EC11/13.