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BROADSIMS believes that medical devices should be suitable for better solution with accuracy and acceleration. We aim to establish a smart industrial ecology of medical equipment and establish a standard inspection platform that complies with medical regulations. Based on such a concept, we created AI-Based Verification System, AVS®.

Aout AVS

Development/ Production of Pain Points in Medical Equipment

Common Verification Procedures for Medical Products

1.Without Verification Equipment Benchmark

There is no standard equipment that can perform verification is the biggest problem all along.

2.Expensive Manpower

Verification of the images, waveforms, sounds, time etc. of the medical equipment has always been able to be screened with a large amount of manpower.

3.Excessive Time Cost

Verification needs to be calibrated and compliant according to the specifications defined by the FDA, CE, TFDA and CFDA. The lengthy verification process consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, and the time cost is hard to estimate.

4.Low Efficiency of Third-party Verification

Third-party verification units, such as SGS, TUV are also verified on a case-by-case basis by a large number of human resources in accordance with medical regulations. In addition to the high labor costs, the process is equally lengthy.

We  Make 

What is “ Medical Equipment Verification Automation”?

“AI-Based Verification System, AVS® provide supporting solutions from the research and development , quality assurance, production and other stages. And has the following features:

R&D Stage

Design verification can be performed quickly for frequent design corrections.

Production Stage

When quality management is carried out, the configuration of personnel can be reduced, the training time can be shortened, and a complete inspection record can be produced, which meets the regulatory requirements.

Quality Verification Stage

It can quickly follow the medical regulations, complete the quality verification, and meet the standards before the FDA / CE / CFDA delivery.

Full Integration Stage

The biggest advantage is that AVS® can be achieved from R&D, certification, and transfer to trial production and mass production, eliminating the risk of failure to use different kind of equipment at different stages.

System Advantage

The advantages of the platform are to improve product quality, traceability, reduce test time, reduce test costs and shorten personnel training.



” Help us to achieve the storage, traceability and analysis of a single data;
Help us to analyze big data, and lay a good foundation for the subsequent industry 4.0.”



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